The benefits of vertical curtains

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    vertical curtainsThe benefits of vertical curtains


     1-99 square meters:$12.99

     100-499 square meters:$9.99

     >=500 square meters:$6.99



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    Control system:bead rope/motorized/spring

    Origin country:China

    Opening and closing method:Upper Open


    Applicable Window Type:American window

    Do you know the benefits of vertical blinds?

    Vertical blinds are named for the vertical suspension of blades on the upper rail one by one, which can be adjusted freely from left to right to shade. The vertical curtain adopts a swing leaf structure, and the blades can rotate 180 degrees. The light adjustment and retraction of the curtain can be realized through motor mechanical transmission. It can not only adjust the indoor light at will, but also ventilate and ventilate, and achieve the purpose of shading. The electric vertical curtain integrates practicality, sense of the times and artistic feeling. Because of its warm, elegant, concise and lively characteristics, it is mostly suitable for sunshade and partition of office buildings, conference rooms, government agencies, public places, etc.

    Product Name: vertical curtain

    Specification: Curtain width 100mm

    Material: imported polyester fabric

    Style: manual, electric

    Vertical curtain material:

    The materials of vertical curtain are generally divided into PVC, aluminum alloy, cloth art, bamboo and wood, etc., and PVC is usually used more.

    According to different operation methods, it can also be divided into electric vertical curtain and manual vertical curtain. Manual control is used at home, while electric control is more convenient in public places.

    PVC vertical curtain has good surface finish, with the advantages of sound insulation, heat insulation and moisture resistance. It is easy to clean and not easy to fade. It is available in arc, ripple, printing and other styles.

    The surface of aluminum alloy vertical curtain has metallic luster, which is wear-resistant, non-aging and easy to take care of. Generally, the dust on the surface can be swept away.

    S-shaped vertical curtain is not only a straight-line vertical curtain, but also has a beautiful shape, which can add artistic beauty to the space environment.

    The yarn type vertical curtain combines the yarn material with better light transmission and ventilation with other fabrics, with dimming function, exquisite draping feeling, ventilation and ventilation.

    Printing vertical curtain, printing patterns on the vertical curtain to increase aesthetics, suitable for a variety of personalized space requirements.

    The wood grain vertical curtain is mainly made of PVC. A layer of imitation wood grain style is made on the surface of the material, which is elegant and clear.

    Flax vertical curtain, flax fabric ventilation, environmental protection, tasteless, fresh temperament, installed at home to a higher grade.


    In home decoration, vertical curtains are suitable for French windows and large windows. The vertical curtain is fashionable, giving people a sense of elegance and tranquility. The lighting effect is excellent, making the whole space spacious and bright, with a sense of permeability. Especially in the afternoon, the sunlight is scattered through the blinds, and the atmosphere is instantly full, with its own fairy air filter. The blade angle can be adjusted at will to control the projection of sunlight on the ground. With the passage of time, the angle of light and shadow will also change. The light and shadow effect presented is clear and flexible, inexplicably healing people.

    1. Advantages

    1) Super light adjustment ability: the entry angle of light can be adjusted.

    2) Suitable for ultra wide windows: since the vertical curtains are hung on the track piece by piece, unlike other curtains, they are subject to the width of the cloth. In case of ultra wide glass doors and windows, the vertical curtain does not need to be divided into windows, and the overall feeling is very good. Moreover, even for large windows, it is easy to pull.

    3) Suitable for sliding doors: unlike other curtain styles, which open and close up and down, vertical curtains open and close left and right, which can be used for sliding doors.

    4) Affordable price

    2. Disadvantages

    1) It is better not to use the vertical curtain on the tuyere window, because the leaves of the vertical curtain are relatively light, and the wind will blow messy and wind up when opening the window, which is not easy to tidy up.

    2) The bead chain between the lowest blade and the blade is easy to break after long use.


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