How to choose the zebra blinds and how to avoid the pit?

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How to choose the zebra blinds and how to avoid the pit?

Zebra curtain is a new type of blinds. Its style is different from that of ordinary curtain, giving people a modern and simple feeling. In recent years, it is also more and more popular with people. However, due to the wide variety of zebra curtains on the market, different textures, colors and styles, it is difficult for people to make correct decisions when shopping. Here, we provide some suggestions on how to choose zebra curtains and shelter.

How to choose a zebra shutter:

1. Select the style according to the decoration style

Zebra curtains come in many different styles, such as solid colors, prints, stripes, and so on. When shopping, you should choose the most suitable style for your home decoration according to your own decoration style. For example, if the style of the home is modern and simple, you can choose a pure color zebra curtain, which can better integrate with the whole space. If the home decoration is more classical or retro, you can choose printing or striped zebra curtain, which can better create a romantic atmosphere.

2. Select the width and height according to the window size

When choosing zebra curtains, you should choose the appropriate width and height according to the size of the window. If the window is small, buy a narrow zebra curtain, which can better ensure the transparency of the window. If the window is large, buy a wider zebra curtain, which can better ensure the beauty and shading effect of the window. In addition, the height of the zebra curtain should be equal to the height of the window, so as to better achieve the shading effect.

3. Select the zebra curtain according to the material

There are many kinds of materials for zebra curtains, such as cloth, yarn, bamboo, etc. Different materials have different characteristics, so you should choose the appropriate materials according to your needs. For example, the fabric zebra curtain has soft texture and good visual effect, while the yarn zebra curtain can effectively block the sun, and is more breathable, suitable for use in summer.

4. Select the zebra curtain according to the price

The price of zebra curtains is also an important factor to consider when purchasing. The quality of zebra curtain with higher price will be better, but it is not necessarily suitable for you. Therefore, when shopping, you should choose according to your hobbies

Zebra curtain is a new type of curtain. Its unique design allows light to pass through its tiny gaps, thus providing a certain shading effect. Compared with traditional curtains, zebra curtains have a more modern appearance and more practical functions. However, how to choose the right zebra curtain and avoid making mistakes when purchasing? Here are some useful information and suggestions for you.

1、 Curtain fabric

Fabric is a very important consideration when selecting zebra curtains. Most of the mid-price curtain materials on the market are polyester fiber or polyester fiber blended fabrics [2]. This material has the characteristics of good firmness, durability, wrinkle-resistance, sagging and non-adhesion. It is suitable for making curtains, especially zebra curtains. In addition, linen fabric is also a common curtain material, which has good breathability and moisture absorption, and can provide a more natural and comfortable feeling for the bedroom [2].

2、 Color

The color and style of the zebra curtain should be paid attention to when selecting. Different colors and styles can be selected according to personal preferences and the decoration style of the room. In terms of color selection, light colors, such as white, beige and light gray, can be considered. These colors are easier to match with different decoration styles [3]. At the same time, in order to avoid accidents, it is recommended to send sample cloth to the merchant and observe carefully .

3、 Material

The material of the zebra curtain is also very important. Due to the unique design of the zebra curtain, the texture and texture of its fabric need to be considered. The material selection should be determined according to the use and decoration effect of the zebra curtain. If you want the zebra curtain to be more light-proof, you can choose thicker fabrics. On the contrary, if you want more light to pass through, you need to choose lighter fabrics


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