How to choose curtains for villa sunshine rooms


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How to choose curtains for villa sunshine rooms

Many villas have glass roofs on their roofs. What is the best choice for curtains? Today, I will talk about this topic for everyone. Sunshine rooms are all made of glass, which is very transparent. The curtains should be beautiful, insulated, and very convenient to use. Ordinary rolling curtains and cloth curtains are definitely not good, but what is the best product to make?

Here's the answer. It must be a honeycomb skylight made of honeycomb curtains and honeycomb fabric. Its structure is hollow in the middle, making it easy for air to enter and serving as a barrier. The key is that the honeycomb curtains have a special series of shading and insulation, specifically designed for the windows on the roof. Moreover, they have many beautiful colors that can fully meet the needs of your spatial environment to choose from. If you like the simple and elegant style, There are many solid colors to choose from, and if you like the decor, you can make my blue sky and white clouds pattern that looks very beautiful.

The honeycomb fabric has a horizontally folded appearance design, with a strong three-dimensional concavity and convexity. When used on the skylight of a villa, it is excellent. The key is that this product not only looks beautiful and atmospheric, but also has sunshade and heat insulation.

The control method of the honeycomb skylight is also very convenient, which can be done manually or electrically. It can be controlled through a mobile phone or controlled by a control panel for opening and closing. By the way, if you want to do electric control, remember to reserve the power cord connector position during decoration. We have videos for product debugging and installation for you.


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