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Electric automatic roller blinds

Zebra Blinds Roller Shutter 


 1-99 square meters:$12.99

100-499 square meters:$9.99

  >=500 square meters:$6.99



 Shipping time:3-5days



Control system:bead rope/motorized/spring

Origin country:China

Opening and closing method:Upper Open


Applicable Window Type:American window

With the development of urbanization and modernization, electric automatic roller blinds is widely used, especially in public office space. The use of roller shutters in office space is an effective solution to reduce solar heat, which can make the temperature, shading degree, environmental effect and other aspects of public space more comfortable.

Electric roller shutter is an electric roller shutter mechanism driven by tubular motor. Its operation only needs to be controlled by the configured remote controller with one button. It is easy to operate, quiet and stable. It is an upgraded product of manual roller shutter. The motor is directly installed in the aluminum alloy tube, which not only reduces the volume and force transmission of the curtain box, but also avoids the influence of the outside on the motor, increasing the reliability of the mechanism. The coil pipe is made of high-quality aluminum alloy with high strength, and is not easy to change, open anode oxidation treatment, anti-aging and corrosion resistant. The installation bracket is made of high-strength alloy steel with high bending and shear strength to ensure safe and reliable installation and use of the mechanism.

The electric roller shutter is installed indoors or in the double glass room to avoid adverse effects from the outside and improve the service life of the system. In summer, it can block the sun and reduce the air conditioning load, while in winter, it can adjust the visual comfort. If radio remote control or building intelligent control is used, various intelligent control methods can be realized to meet the user's high-quality requirements. The electric roller shutter can be in the form of "one to many", so that one remote controller can control multiple roller shutters to achieve better and more convenient shading and sunshade effects. It also has outstanding advantages in reducing the failure rate of the mechanism and reducing the engineering cost. In the modern intelligent building, the control system of the electric roller shutter can also be connected with the control center of the building to facilitate the centralized control of a long distance scale.

The electric roller shutter has the functions of anti ultraviolet, environmental protection and energy conservation, beautifying the environment, saving indoor space, etc. It is suitable for various office places and apartment buildings.


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