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Detailed knowledge of roller shutter

Roller blinds

1、 What is a roller curtain?

Answer: Roller shutter is one of the window decoration products. It is used to roll the curtain cloth into a roller after resin processing, and use a pull rope or chain to go up and down. It is simple and convenient to operate, beautiful and simple in appearance, making the window frame look clean, making the whole room look spacious and simple.

2、 How many rolling shutters are there?

Answer: ① Electric roller shutter

② Pull bead roller shutter

③ Spring roller shutter

④ Sunshade roller shutter

⑤ Fireproof roller shutter

3、 Composition of roller shutter

Answer: Manual sunshade roller shutter: the manual roller shutter is mainly composed of rolling tube, fabric, tail insert, head making, lower rod, head, tail code, pull bead, etc.

Roller shutter Electric roller shutter: The electric roller shutter is mainly composed of roller tube, fabric, tail insert, head, lower rod, head, motor, driving wheel, etc.

4、 Advantages of blinds

Answer: ① Sunshade does not block light; (It can eliminate up to 86% of the solar radiation and resist up to 95% of the ultraviolet rays after the light passes through the fabric, while keeping the indoor air unblocked, making the light in the room more soft and natural, and improving the visual comfort of the staff)

② Heat insulation and energy conservation; (Sunshine fabric has good thermal insulation performance that other fabrics do not have, which can achieve effective thermal insulation effect, environmental protection and energy conservation;)

③ Highly bacteriostatic, moisture-proof and mildew resistant (special PVC coating material, after aseptic treatment, has bacteriostatic effect on harmful bacteria, bacteria cannot reproduce, and the fabric will not mildew. It is applicable to all kinds of public places, and is also the best choice for home kitchens and bathrooms)

④ Antistatic and dust-proof (the material has the anti-static function, can achieve the dust-proof effect, and has a good protection effect for the haze and other environments)

⑤ Fire resistance (compared with other fabrics, the flame resistance of sunlight fabrics is much better, and the safety is significantly improved)

⑥ The size is constant (it has no ductility, is not affected by temperature changes, climate anomalies, etc., does not deform or twist in the sun exposure, repeated lifting and use environment, has stable quality, and can maintain its flatness for a long time.)

⑦ Good color fastness (The environment-friendly toner used has good oxidation resistance, high UV protection coefficient, and the product is not easy to fade.)

5、 Disadvantages of blinds

① It is difficult to clean
② Not suitable for separate installation in the bedroom (poor light transmission and shading)

6、 Fabric selection:

A: Semi transparent fabric: It is suitable for general office space and can communicate with the surrounding good environment.

Semi shading fabric: it can block the eyes, and can not see the indoor and outdoor figures, but it has light.

Full shading fabric: completely matt, suitable for bedroom and video conference room.

UV resistant curtain fabric: suitable for any place exposed to sunlight.

One way perspective curtain fabric: indoor can see outdoor, outdoor can not see indoor, and the light is still sufficient.

Heat insulation curtain fabric: In summer, most of the heat is kept out of the window, while in winter, the indoor temperature is kept.

7、 Which spaces are suitable for installing blinds?

Villas, business buildings, high-end factory buildings, office buildings, schools, hotels, hotels and other places.

The roller shutter is divided into full shading and light transmitting type,

Full shading is generally a coated fabric, and the coating also has advantages and disadvantages,

The price of roller shutter is charged by square,

The area calculation method is: total area=window width * fabric width height (generally 2 meters, 2.3 meters, 2.5 meters, 3 meters),

The installation methods are divided into internal installation and external installation, and the measuring ruler is required to be more accurate.

There are also custom printed roller shutters, which can also be printed with logos

Home decoration can be used in toilet, study, kitchen, small windows, etc

Tooling can be used in office buildings, kindergartens, hotels and other public places.


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