Choose the right curtains to make home life a romantic enjoyment


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Winter is coming, and many homeowners are worried about how to choose windproof window decorations~


romantic curtains

 Choose the right curtains to make home life a romantic enjoyment


 1-99 square meters:$12.99

 100-499 square meters:$9.99

 >=500 square meters:$6.99



 Shipping time:3-5days



Control system:bead rope/motorized/spring

Origin country:China

Opening and closing method:Upper Open


Applicable Window Type:American window

■Korean Pleats

The Korean-style pleating method is a relatively new pleating method. Compared with the ordinary method, its folds are fixed and processed. This method is easy to wear and easy to remove and wash. But the production is also more troublesome. Korean pleats need to calculate the difference between the length of the fabric and the length of the rod, and fix the pleats according to the number of hooks.

▲Curtain Color Choice

Choosing a color that is similar to the color of the wall, or that is in harmony with the style of home decoration, can keep the space in a unified tone, and the overall look is more harmonious and concise.


White curtains are a versatile choice. They have an elegant, generous, quiet and graceful tone. When the breeze blows, it will give people a feeling of fairy spirit.

The white curtains have good light transmission, and through the windows, it seems that you can smell the sun, which brings us infinite reverie.


Gray is a popular color nowadays. It is not only fashionable and temperament, but also has a strong shading effect. If used well, it can create a full-fledged home atmosphere, and invisibly show a low-key luxury. 

③Stripes or bright colors

Use striped or bright-colored romantic curtains to brighten the overall effect, enrich the layers and decoration of the curtains, and present a very dynamic space.


In the color matching of curtains, a certain color foundation is required. Once it is not used well, the effect will be counterproductive.

 Generally speaking, try to coordinate with the overall style of the home environment, or echo with sofas, pillows, carpets or other decorations, and match them under the principle of "seeking common ground while reserving differences", and there is usually no mistake.



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